Student Body Registration 
& Hall Information Day 2021

WELCOME TO HKU! New students are strongly encouraged to join the Student Body Registration and Hall Information Day ("Registration Day"). You should join the Registration Day according to your curriculum of study or the degree you have enrolled to. You will have the opportunity to visit your respective faculty and academic societies to know more about your home Faculty and Department, and get to know your fellow classmates. 

You can also tour around the campus to join student clubs promoting different cultural, sports and other areas of interests. Students can also visit booths of residential and non-residential halls and join hall visits. Throughout the day, you can enrol for various welcoming activities offered by student societies/clubs.

Zone 1 - Faculty and Academic Societies

Day 1: 15 August 2021 (Sunday)

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Science

Day 2: 16 August 2021 (Monday)

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Social Sciences

Day 3: 17 August 2021 (Tuesday)

HKU Business School

^ It is noted that the registration of some of business programmes would be held concurrently with the Online Course on Course Selection. Students may join the afternoon session of the student body registration.

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

*Students will receive detail of the route and pre-assigned reporting time by email

# Shuttle bus service will be arranged from Sassoon Road Campus to Main Campus (one-way only) between 11am – 5pm.

Zone 2 - Cultural, Sports and Independent Clubs

Zone 3 - Residential/Non-residential Halls

Points to note:

Infectious Disease Control Measures

  1. Students who feel sick or have developed symptoms of fever/ respiratory disease should not join the Registration Day. Instead, they should seek medical advice immediately.

  2. Students who are required to undergo compulsory quarantine should not join the Registration Day until they have completed the quarantine.

  3. Students should wear a mask at all times. 

  4. Students are required to fill in a health declaration form before joining the Registration Day.

Plan your Registration Day and have fun

  1. It takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete the three zones of the Registration Day; the duration may be longer for students of double-degree programmes.  

  2. Students may be required to provide personal details and pay membership/ activity fees. Students should note the personal information collection statement and the refund policy of individual student societies/ clubs.

  3. Students are reminded to bring along passport photos, HKID card and cash for the payment of membership fees and registration for orientation activities.

  4. Students are advised to bring snacks and water.